Dapper Laughs and the quest for bants

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In a modern day rebellion, much like Miley Cyrus shaking off her Disney Club credentials by dry-humping Robin Thicke, dressed in Masterplast – it seems we have waved goodbye to the gentleman in exchange for a misogynous, overly tanned, Lynx Africa wearing counterpart, otherwise known as the ‘lad.’

One fine example of this phenomenon is Dapper Laughs. Neither Dapper or able to stimulate any form of reaction that could otherwise be described as a ‘laugh’ from anyone with half a brain-cell, this so-called comedian makes a living out of being quasi racist, homophobic and telling all woman they’re “proper moist.”

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9 ways to tell if your boyfriend is a sociopath


If you are reading this, the chances are you are gradually coming to the realisation that you are in the grips of an ‘unhinged from the realms of reality’ Patrick Bateman style sociopath, OR you are about to be reclaimed by one, ‘hoovered’ if you like.

Sociopaths, or ‘Socio’s’ as they are alternatively known, creep into your life like an underlying illness and are not that easy to get rid of. Although we may laugh about these things, the reality of dating a sociopath is not all that funny. As an expert in this field, I have put together 9 points on how to spot a socio, whether full blown or emerging.

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