Why Valentines Day is the absolute worst


To some, Valentines Day is an occasional landmark; a prime opportunity to show love for another via the medium of tacky cards, blow up hearts and some kind of overpriced confectionary. For others, Valentines Day is a bit like having a Brazilian wax: painful, awkward and questionable as to whether it’s actually necessary.

This Valentines Day, women everywhere will be getting ready to dust off the lacy red or black lingerie, whilst their dates fight to book a table at a bizarre choice of restaurant, serving ten of the smallest courses you’ve ever seen.

If I haven’t lost you already, here are 10 reasons why I find Valentines Day to be the absolute worst…
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Aspen Matis: ‘ My rape was not the end of everything; it was the beginning of something bigger.’


On her second night at Colorado College, Aspen Matis was sexually assaulted by a fellow student. What she did next, many may find unfathomable: she asked her attacker to stay the night.

Accused of fabricating the assault by both the college and her attacker, Matis dropped out and embarked on a cleansing 2,650-mile trek from Mexico to Canada, along the Pacific Crest Trail. Alone and just 19-years-old; Matis survived extreme weather, dehydration, starvation, crippling illness, all manner of dangerous animals, and abduction on the walk.

Six years later; 25-year-old Aspen Matis is a celebrated anti-rape campaigner, New York Times contributor and best-selling author, with her compelling and brutally honest memoir: Girl in the Woods.

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