10 ways to spot a fuckboy in his natural habitat

Spotting a fuckboy in his natural habitat can be difficult. FB’s as we’re going to call them, have learnt to evolve and often manage to disguise themselves as mates, or eligible partners.

Sooner or later though, unless you’re otherwise involved with an unusually advanced FB, an intelligent one, their web of fuckboydom will begin to unravel, one navy roll neck at a time.

Whether they’re a boat-shoe wearing ‘you’ll be hearing from my father’ fuckboy, a fitness #gains fuckboy, or the more common ‘cheeky Nando’s’ fuckboy; here are our top tips on how to spot one out in the wild.

  1. He tells you what you want to hear

This is a must in the practice of fuckboydom; if he’s going to have you at his disposal, he needs to convincingly fabricate a bond. To do this, he will most likely go down the “this is so easy / we have so much in common / I’ve never felt like this before” route.

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