15 things that happen in your mid-20’s

The midlife crisis is a well-known phenomenon; you may even know somebody that’s fallen prey to it and has suddenly developed a large collection of Hawaiian shirts, leather trousers or rock’n’roll compilation CD’s. What’s not so widely publicised though, is its preliminary attack; a smaller, but equally life changing milestone on the landscape of adulthood, the quarter life crisis.

As soon as you hit your mid-20s, you change. You start to realise that your parents were annoyingly right about a lot of things, your choice of TV becomes extremely questionable, and you spend the majority of your days wondering what you’re doing with your life.

Here are 15 other things that happen in your mid-20s:

  1. You need eight hours of sleep to be able to function, even then you’re still tired.

  2. You have a bed time now; 10.30, 11.15 latest. Anything after this spells doom for the morning, and a high risk of violence on the tube.

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I let my best friend take control of my Tinder and this is what happened…


Georgie and I have been best friends for over five years, during which we have shed tears over a number of abominable relationships, and have laughed in disbelief at some shocking dating disasters. Let’s just say, our milkshake brings all the twats to the yard.

Some say your friends know you better than you know yourself; they will offer words of encourage when they spot fetch happening, and they will be the ones to warn you against falling into a fuckboy’s ‘mirror pic’ lined web. We decided to test this theory.

For two weeks, we took over each other’s Tinder accounts, taking charge of biographies, pictures and dating arrangements, to see if we could help each other meet our matches.
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