18 things that happen when you live with other people…

Ah, communal living; the land of passive aggressive fridge notes, passive aggressive group chats, enforced borderline alcoholism and more drama than in an episode of Ex On The Beach – but you wouldn’t have it any other way. (Or at least, can’t afford to)

Here are 18 things that happen when you live with other people…

1) Someone will always callously jump in the shower just as you muster the strength to get up and pee


2. You will always want to do laundry on the same day and have genuinely considered sabotaging your housemates cycle


3. Clothing airers will litter every downstairs room, but they will always be a little bit broken


4. One of your housemates will insist on bulk buying everything and leaving their stock in piles around the house


5. Despite nobody admitting it’s them, someone always manages to spray toothpaste over the entire bathroom mirror, leaving you to wonder whether they’re actually using a handheld blender


6. Somebody always manages to flood the bathroom after a shower; turning your small, humble, shared bathroom into a mouldy, sock dampening wet room


7. There will be an ever-growing collection of toilet roll tubes, along with three opened toilet rolls, none of which have ever seen the toilet roll holder


8. There will always be insufficient sofa space


9. There will be a clear hierarchy of who does the most cleaning, but only the person at the top will be fully aware of this


10. Almost all your arguments will involve washing up or taking the rubbish out


11. The only time you’ll do a really thorough clean is when someone’s parents are coming visit, where it turns into a full, missionary operation


12. A George Foreman grill will somehow find its way into your kitchen and will probably never experience washing up liquid

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13. There will always be one housemate who is incapable of being both drunk and quiet. Even if you don’t hear them, you will discover their trail of destruction the next morning


14. There will always be one housemate you never see, and one you see far too much of


15. You will hear someone else having sex and feel audibly violated


16. All of your housemates will have a different idea of what items are communal


17. You will learn to keep everything you truly care about in your room


18. But it’s OK, because one day you’ll be able to afford your own house…



*Also featured on Metro

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