Aspen Matis: ‘ My rape was not the end of everything; it was the beginning of something bigger.’


On her second night at Colorado College, Aspen Matis was sexually assaulted by a fellow student. What she did next, many may find unfathomable: she asked her attacker to stay the night.

Accused of fabricating the assault by both the college and her attacker, Matis dropped out and embarked on a cleansing 2,650-mile trek from Mexico to Canada, along the Pacific Crest Trail. Alone and just 19-years-old; Matis survived extreme weather, dehydration, starvation, crippling illness, all manner of dangerous animals, and abduction on the walk.

Six years later; 25-year-old Aspen Matis is a celebrated anti-rape campaigner, New York Times contributor and best-selling author, with her compelling and brutally honest memoir: Girl in the Woods.

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The London clean up – who is it for?


Change is all too inevitable; we learn to evolve, we adapt and we move on, but some changes, hurt more than others.

Slowly but surely, London is losing the gritty culture it’s renowned for, in exchange for a clinical and respectable facade. Legendary music venues, pubs, theatres and cabaret clubs are regularly being replaced by generic coffee shops, overpriced ‘no bookings’ restaurants and ever bigger train stations.

We are losing our identity to appease commuters, large businesses and multi-million pound developers, who ultimately have the city on puppet strings. London is being sanitised within an inch of its life, it’s not for the benefit of its residents, and tourists do not want to travel to see a new train station or a fast food restaurant – so who is benefiting here?

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